Raven Johnston

Jami helped us buy our first house last December! It was an excellent experience from the start–which started much earlier that year, since we needed to improve our credit first (and we did, thanks to a referral on her part!). She let us know all the ins and outs of home buying I didn’t know  about, including possibilities like writing a letter to the seller when we were in a multiple offer situation. She even went terribly far out of her way when we started considering more rural options (though we ended up sticking to a suburban area)! She was also amazing at negotiating repairs and money off for our house, which ended up selling for more than 10% under the asking price (plus they fixed a ton of things first!). I’d highly recommend her as a realtor–she’s also very personable and friendly, and was totally understanding/involved in our long, rambling commentary on the pros and cons of each house we visited.

Source: Zillow.com